Unwrapping The Peaceful Beach Holiday At Bakkhali


The best thing about spending your time on the beach is that it uplifts your body’s ability to perceive external stimulus. The minute granules of sand, the softness of the water, tingling warmth of the sun rays - it’s like a sensory overload which rejuvenates how your body reacts to external stimulus. The sounds of waves performing the dance of dominance, riding on the gravitational pull of moon at night and sometimes their calm demeanor when they flow silently and swiftly with the wind - it’s just simply mesmerizing. Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Kerala are the places that are always called upon by the travel companies in the summers. But this blog is not going to describe how good the famous Juhu Chat and Vada Pav tastes on the beaches of Mumbai, or about the famous bars and casinos on the Goan beaches. Here we will unwrap a peaceful beach located in the South Twenty-four Parganas district of West Bengal - Bakkhali.

The beach opens up to a vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The most unnerving thing about this beach is, you can witness the most unique and two most beautiful natural occurrences - sunrise and sunset. Many of you might not have heard about the remote Bakkhali beach, so visiting that place could be a real struggle. Still, some folks religiously return to this place, check in to the best budget hotel in Bakkhali for annual time out from the busy conundrum of life. This place has lots to offer other than loud parties and chaos. You can simply enjoy a walk along the beach, a cycling trip or a slow drive along the beach. On the way, you can relax and sip the sweetness of coconut water or can book a table at the famous local momos restaurant at Bakkali.

Taking the road is good if you want to mingle with the surroundings, the people and the culture. Once you reach Kolkata either through flight, train or by bus, you can hire a cab.



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