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Henry Island

It was another weekend when we and our hungry-for-holiday souls set out in search of a weekend hideout from Kolkata. This time we chose Bakkhali-Henry Island-Frazergunj. Bakkahli is a sea side in South 24Parganas of West Bengal. It is approx 130kms. from Kolkata. A close observation of the map of Bengal will show that innumerable deltaic islands are spread across Southern Bengal, most of which are part of the Sundarbans. Bakkhali is one of those islands which open up into the vast expanse of Bay of Bengal. We set out early morning at 6a.m. taking the Tollygunge-Joka-Amtala-Shirakol-Kulpi-Namkhana-Bakkhali.

Fraserganj Wind Mill

The area of Fraserganj is popular because of some ancient history. Lord Fraser, a British Official resided in this area. He was so mesmerized by the place that he decided to build it up, but the construction he undertook never got completed, owing to the sea.

Ruins of his home and a few other builds can still be seen here. There are also a large number of wind mines erected in the area, making the place look surreal.


Jambu Dwip

Another very beautiful and elusive spot in Bakkhali, Jambu Dwip is an independent island, 8 kms off the main coast. The island is uninhabited and submerges in water for some months of the year.

Jambu Dwip is a small island located at the seamouth of Ganga in South 24 Parganas. This island houses a great range of bird species, reptiles and fish life. Besides, it is also the home of a huge casuarinas grove. Places to see at Jambu Dwip: The main attraction of Jambu Dwip is the island itself which is the home for a wide range of species of bird and reptile. Besides, you will be amazed to find such a great range of marine life, mainly fishes.

Bakkhali Sea Beach

The long, wide beach of Bakkhali stretches from Bakkhali to Frazergunj. The water and the beach appear grey, as the land slopes into the Bay of Bengal, but the land and the water are both clean. The beach is strong enough to bear cycles and cars, but some spots are soft and sinkable. The mangrove forest near the beaches has no tigers, but is nonetheless a tourist spot.

A Crocodile Park, located just beside the bus stop and Bakkhali beach, and Bishhalakshmi Temple, at the end of Bakkhali main beach are other attractions of this place. Vendors selling local handicrafts and coconuts and shacks serving lunch can also be found on the beach, but no hotels can be found on the beach. The tourists have to be cautious about visiting there from April- October, as the beach can be rough at that time.



Gangasagar is a charming tourist destination, which attracts both pilgrims and adventure lovers. Located on an island in the Sunderbans, Gangasagar offers the charms of an un-spoilt beach on the estuary of the river Ganges. Gangasagar offers acres of silver sand and clear blue sky, and the calm sea for visitors who would like to spend their weekend in tranquillity.

The lighthouse at Gangasagar offers a panoramic view of this spectacular beach, from where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset. During sunset, the sky turns golden with a patch of red on the horizon and the silver sand reflects the last rays of the sun. Photography is not restricted on this island.